Open - Handed and Out of the Boat

Your will be done, Abba. 

I wrote that on a sticky note 6 hours ago and put it on the inside pages of my Bible and 6 hours later, those words are still echoing in my mind. 

Do I understand the significance of what I wrote? 

I am holding out my life with open hands to Him and declaring to myself (and now to the world) that I will follow him anywhere, any time, any cost. 

Any cost. 


That's a heavy, sacred decision. 

I'm scared. 

The waves seem higher, rougher, more threatening than they looked when I was inside the safety of the boat (Matthew 14:22-33). 

And then I look at Him and I remember that He promised to be with me always - even to the end of ages. 

I remember that He is the one who spoke the earth into motion and holds eternity in His hands - He is the beginning and the end of time as I understand it. 

In the shadow of His wings I will find refuge, and strength, and hope, and grace. 

Infinite immeasurable grace. 

Grace that will carry me through the open-handed, out of the boat, unexpected, joy-giving, pride crushing, life giving adventures that so often come with surrender. 

So here we are at the beginning


Your will be done Abba.