October '17 Reflections

  1. Listening to podcasts a lot more in these recent weeks. This one and this one are my current favourites. And these albums by Sandra McCracken!      
  2. Seeing the world in a different way because of the chance to begin to see it through B's eyes. 
  3. Reading the Harry Potter series and I'm currently on book 5 (Order of Phoenix). JK. Rowling is an incredible writer and has absolute mastery in weaving story lines and creating new worlds. I am so excited to keep reading these books!
  4. Learning to fight against lies and fears using God's Word. 
  5. Wanting to go back to Victoria and visit my best friend and her family. 
  6. Thinking through how easy it is to get sidetracked by meaningless things in this life.    
  7. Feeling sick. #fluseason
  8. Loving  Lore WIlbert's blog Sayable. This, this and this are some blog posts that I have loved.  
  9. Looking forward to next summer and celebrating with various people I know as they step into new covenant with their loves, pledging to have and to hold by God's grace until death do them part.