Guest Reflections: Erin

I have the privilege of being surrounded by some really cool people who have brilliant ideas, engage with incredible people and come across interesting things that more of the world needs to know about. So this series is a space for that.
World, meet Erin.

1. Listening to Apple Music. The best investment in my day-to-day. Love the “Radio” channels including Christian Hits, Classical, and Pure Country.

2. Seeing the grace of God as I begin trauma therapy. He’s bringing me into a season of life where I can dig deeper and invest in my long term health and relationships. God knows my needs and reveals layers of pain to lead me into his healing and restoration.

3. Reading anything by Elisabeth Elliot (currently “Quest for Love”). Diving into Hebrews in my quiet times, and reading Nancy Drew mysteries before bed - I’m collecting the original yellow hardbacks.

4. Learning how much God likes me and enjoys spending time with me. I am not a burden to him and am free to draw close into his presence. Deep rest is found there.

5. Wanting dairy free pumpkin pie - if anyone can make me some I’ll trade some tea and good conversation! Also, mint chocolate chip coconut ice cream (dairy free) - if you find it hit me up!

6. Following Kelle Hampton and her family on her blog Enjoying The Small Things and on Instagram - I love her honesty and humour. She inspires me to write.

7. Thinking through the long term potential and fruitfulness of healthy friendships with guys. The stress of “who likes who” doesn’t really matter long term. Pressing pause on the drama button, and entrusting the direction of my friendships to God.

8. Feeling optimistic about this new school year after a summer of transition (moving + new job role). Feel holistically healthy for the first time in a long while.

9. Loving the beginning of all seasons when things feel new and nostalgic. Ready to be done with summer for another year and eagerly embracing all things fall.

10. Looking forward to season 11 of Heartland (on CBC). It’s my favourite show: a family drama with horses - could tv get any better?! Also season 2 of The Crown on Netflix this winter.

Erin is an incredible writer and writes posts on various platforms including the P2C students blog, The Gospel Coalition - Canada blog and her own personal blog! You can check out some of her latest work here, here and here