May Reflections

  1. Listening to this playlist every morning at work.      
  2. Seeing just how much I crave affirmation and acceptance from people around me and how much that keeps me from living and loving fully. Bind my wandering heart to thee Abba... 
  3. Reading the God Ask as preparation for my internship with Power to Change and learning a lot about the posture of my heart in relation to working in full-time Christian missions work.  
  4. Learning that life needs to be lived with intention. Because loving people is hard and extending grace is hard and keeping my heart focused on Christ is hard and letting go of things that are not beneficial is hard... And yet all so neccesary. So everyday comes with the opportunity to live and love with intention - to be mindful of how I want to live that day and how I want the people who interact with me to feel: loved, welcomed, seen.  
  5. Wanting to eat an ice-cream sandwich at Bang Bang ice-cream at some point this summer. 
  6. Following through on my plans to try new and independent coffee shops around Toronto. Any recommendations? 
  7. Thinking through  the meaning of Community.  
  8. Feeling reflective. This month has been full off a lot of learning and I need time to process it. 
  9. Loving my small group. Time spent with this group of people leaves me feeling refreshed, joyful and encouraged. They push me to seek God's heart above all else and to love others out of an overflow of that. It's incredible and it's life-giving. Thankful for the lessons they are teaching me about community.  
  10. Looking forward to working with this year's summer YU START Student Leaders. They are an incredible group of students and our incoming first years are lucky to have them as mentors throughout this summer of transition.