Sunday is Coming

It's been a tough week in our world. 

The bombings at the Brussels airport in Belgium and in Istanbul, Turkey - which come after a series of attacks that saw innocent civilians killed in Yemen earlier this month.

Poland retracting their decision to take in 7000 refugees as per the EU agreement, after the bombings in Brussels - and the individuals that have applauded this decision and/or are advocating for more Western countries to follow suit. 

Jian Ghomeshi acquitted of all charges of rape and sexual assault levied against him, despite there being overwhelming evidence and witness accounts of his actions.   

And countless other things that haven't been in the headlines. 

My heart breaks... 

How long O Lord? How long will the wicked be allowed to gloat?
Hear their arrogance! How these evildoers boast!
They oppress your people, Lord, hurting those you love.
— Psalm 94: 3 - 5

This week has been a week of slowing down - of taking in the weight of these events happening today and the events that happened 2000+ years ago. 

It has been spent slowing down, reflecting on the days between Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem and Easter Sunday which is tomorrow. 

I've rejoiced with the people of Jerusalem on Monday as their King rode into the city on a colt - shouting Hallelujah and celebrating the one who loved humanity so much he became a man in order to live with us - 

- While simultaneously wrestling with the question of whether he is in the midst of the aftermath of these bombings.

I've sat with the disciples as Jesus washed their feet - feeling unworthy of his love and marvelling that the one whose name is worthy of all the praise and glory would humble himself to a position of a servant - 

- And left speechless when I read the news about Poland's retraction of its acceptance of Syrian refugees. 

I've watched Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane struggle and wrestle with the fact that he has to die so that I may live - and yet still go ahead with it, knowing full well the pain and separation from his Father that is coming. 

- while struggling with understanding how to love the people around me who are hurting, well. 

I've had a knot of fear in my stomach as I watched the mob come to arrest Jesus and fought the urge to punch Judas right in his face - How dare He betray the one in whom our hope is found?

- While aching for the countless women who have been sexually assaulted, whose lack of belief in the Canadian justice system has now been affirmed by Ghomeshi's acquittal.  

And I have cried as I've watched Jesus be wounded for my mistakes, beaten that I might have peace and whipped that I may be healed. 

This week my heart has been wrecked by the brokenness present in our world.

How long Abba?

How long will evil continue to prosper?

And then I remember Jesus' last words on the cross - on this Friday. 

"It is finished." 

Evil's triumph;



Our separation from God

It is finished. 

And so here on Saturday - in this in-between filled with sorrow and pain, longing and anger, waiting and struggle - where the world quakes under the weight of all that is wrong

I hold onto that

Jesus declared it finished. 

Sunday is coming.