April Reflections

  1. Listening to Troye Sivan's Blue Neighbourhood - Out of all the songs on the album, "Blue" is my favourite.     
  2. Seeing one of my good friends get married! It's feels surreal to be entering this stage of life and yet so exciting to see people I love make a decision to intentionally honor, serve and care for each other by the power of the Holy Spirit. Marriage is slowly taking a newer sacred understanding for me.  
  3. Reading Jonathan Edwards: Lover of God by Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney. It's really cool learning more about one of the great American Christian theologians and seeing the way the gospel so fully and deeply impacted how he lived, loved and led. May how I live, love and lead point others to you too, Abba. 
  4. Learning that sometimes God gives you exactly what you pray for to teach you that the plans you have for yourself may not necessarily be the best plans.  
  5. Wanting to visit less mainstream restaurants and spaces and find some of the hidden food gems in Toronto this summer. Any reccomendations? 
  6. Following these ladies on Instagram. It's incredible being witness (even if only on social media) to how God is continually molding and shaping them into women after his own heart. Check them out! @presidentkim @marymargaretanchia @gabllewellyn @sarakgilmore
  7. Thinking through ways to intentionally live this summer. I don't want to waste it.   
  8. Feeling simultaneously excited and terrified about all the changes that are coming up at the end of the summer. It's been 4 years of forming friendships, establishing community, sending down roots and learning Toronto. And in 4 months, I leave for Ottawa to start again. Courage dear heart - know who goes before you and who stands behind. 
  9. Loving this new coffee shop that one of my best friends introduced me to. Good coffee. Good vibes. My soul is at peace when Im in this space. 
  10. Looking forward to fully living out my 24th year!